Instagram @stylemaven_laWhat is our favorite bag in the Chanel x Pharrel Capsule Collection? Tell me it"s the Chanel Classic XXL Bag. Here’s what we

Remember the moments when you encounter a clown and he makes a balloon dog for you? The colorful pillows remind me of those moments.

The oldest bag in the classic collection is the Reissue 2.55 Bag. But there is a new style for the Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Instagram @___.___daniela___.___Do you love Chanel forever like I do? Do you want to know more about the history of the brand and the founder?

The name is as simple as the bag, but it’s covered with Oblique print. This Dior Bowling Bag has just been released and it

Keep some playful Chanel’s in your wardrobe for those special moments. Because you never know when these Chanel Cotton Tweed Accessories would be useful.

Instagram @PastilashopStated on the Louis Vuitton website, these Giant Mini Monogram Canvas pieces are limited available. They will also vanish from the store

If you like creative high fashion handbags, then you will certainly love this one. The Gucci Mini GG Bag with Double G is the

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  • Via CDG airport flying out of Europe and buying at tax-free area. But the stock is limited and there are no iconic bags available. There are seasonal styles of for example the Boy Bags. So my tip is, just buy whenever you see find your favorite bag,…
  • During my trip to Europe, I’ll be traveling to London and Paris. I’ll be flying out of Paris back to the USA, would it be cheaper to buy a chanel bag in London or at CDG airport?
  • Hi Cielo, why is the price higher? Is is a limited edition?
  • Just bought a Chanel Jumbo Caviar leather in matte beige with light / brushed gold hardware at Linea Piu in Athens, Greece at €5,620.
  • Hi Miki, we’ve the updated the prices of the Calfskin Handle. The Lizard Handle weren’t presented in the previous collection, but instead, Chanel switched to Elaphe Handle, which is new. Both the calfskin and elaphe prices are the latest.…